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Asian chicks submission

"P.S. Perhaps I don't really understand the definition of "strawman", or we have different definitions. What about my post is a strawman? How does it differ from the position of most Christian churches?"

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Menris | 12.06.2018
I am no fan of Ford, but it is true that he had said he accepts man made climate change and is pro gun control. I'll bet that most of his supporters don't even know that.
Grorn | 17.06.2018
Algebra is necessary for multiple majors. Examples include Statistics and Analysis, and almost anything to do with Computer Science. It's also a requirement for most sciences.
Sajora | 24.06.2018
Cheers! I'll knock one back for ya! Shiner?
Dunris | 27.06.2018
Yes, those hate-mongers are everywhere. Here's one now:
Sahn | 28.06.2018
via Wiki-Elasmotherium ("Thin Plate Beast"), also known as the Siberian Unicorn is an extinct genus of rhinoceros endemic to Eurasia during the Late Pliocene through the Pleistocene, documented from 2.6 Ma to as late as 29,000 years ago in the Late Pleistocene.[2][3]
Malam | 02.07.2018
Your link doesn't support your premise that change in education policy is largely driven by immigrants. At all. Doesn't even speak to it. So, I'll call that
Brarr | 06.07.2018
Nope, just reading the chalk on the asphalt.
Yozahn | 15.07.2018
That would be your opinion. I was not referring to evolution. That is a completely separate matter
Mazujar | 22.07.2018
Too much of anything, even curry, can't be good.
Dashura | 24.07.2018
Did you read my quoted post?
Yojora | 27.07.2018
"I explained the pattern of argument."
Togore | 02.08.2018
Learn a little about science before you start to make claims about what it can do. You can make jokes about leprechauns all you want but in the end there is no science to show there are any or not. That is the same with God's. I thought you were smarter than that.
Dukora | 03.08.2018
I do not need to proof that I exist. I am speaking to you.
Fekinos | 05.08.2018
No dick picks in my day. This is how we rolled.
Tygoshura | 14.08.2018
Do for Texas ???...
Kazrakasa | 24.08.2018
My thoughts and prayers are with you at this traumatic time.
Dazshura | 29.08.2018
Worse. He was one-man law, and you did what he said or died.
Taukasa | 01.09.2018
I?d have to wear an eye patch, of course ...
Sarg | 10.09.2018
They will be back...when the world get's back to normal.
Kikus | 20.09.2018
Actually I know very little about N Korea. But the facts are what they are
Mukazahn | 29.09.2018
You had me to the last line.
Megore | 09.10.2018
"Fair enough some veterans kneel. "
Nikonos | 12.10.2018
I read the OP. I also read the comment. I pointed out an important clarification. Someone complained of their mind being numb. I believe them.
Nim | 20.10.2018
ah, MUD's and Mushes.
Kejas | 30.10.2018
Yes, but That Was Before?.
Bacage | 02.11.2018
Pleased to see no disagreements.
Akizshura | 06.11.2018
I explain. If two ethnic groups can be discriminated by (whatever) differences in their physical anthropology it refers to race. Physical anthropology is a serious science. Tutsi and Hutu are physically distinctly different. Like the Tamils are physically different from the Sinhalese in Ceylon.
Tojora | 09.11.2018
Oh, the humanities!
Dujinn | 12.11.2018
My main reason I am against it, is that whenever a society determines that life begins at any point other than conception, there inevitably will be a slippery slope towards devaluing the life of people who have been born.
Asian chicks submission

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