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Teaching someone how to masturbate

"Owning a gun willl not take me to hell so your opinion of my communion with God is irrelevant!"

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Vizuru | 04.01.2018
It would be interesting by the way to make a poll how people percieve Islam at Religion channel. I might make next OP about it.
Sharamar | 11.01.2018
Enacting unconstitutional laws is the hallmark of homophobic bigots.
Vomi | 18.01.2018
Trump hosted them to highlight the problem with illegal immigration. It was for the purpose of promoting national security, not politics. HRC had Khan on stage for purely mercenary and political gain.
Zulkitilar | 22.01.2018
Yeah, I wouldn't expect you to. Slightly autistic (in the literal way, not the insult way) so I have a tendency to have 'passions'. Regular interests? What are those?
Faujora | 24.01.2018
Do you believe the non religious countries now are worse than they were in the past when they were religious? Are they worse than countries today that are religious theocracies?
Mozilkree | 31.01.2018
I do. Thanks
Mikagul | 08.02.2018
Kazitaxe | 17.02.2018
those regimes have exacerbated the fundamentalism. it's only through contact with the larger world and openness that the religious fervor will temper
Visho | 18.02.2018
Gee what a lame ass excuse that is to justify your gawd's commandment that women who are not virgins on their wedding night be put to death, but not men who are not virgins be done the same to. Good for you Sunshine.
Zulkitaur | 24.02.2018
That'll be all for now.
Ditaur | 03.03.2018
Dont...... some would agree in all seriousness.
Kera | 11.03.2018
Did you not read my link at all?
Zulkirr | 17.03.2018
False. God Himself has revealed it to us.
Namuro | 18.03.2018
So you would welcome a group interrupt your meal and personal space essentially giving you no choice but to take it or not? I choose not. I assure you it would not be delicate. Ha. Ha
Tojakinos | 23.03.2018
I did have the basic facts in the article I posted. Seems you're just getting offended because you know you failed to read the article. And again, had I put in the summary "Btw, this is a pic of the victim not the shooter", that would have been in violation of the rules here because that is personal commentary. Not sure what you wanted me to post otherwise.
Teaching someone how to masturbate
Teaching someone how to masturbate

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