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Peace orchestra domination

"You're in denial. Those policies and procedures predate Trump. The pictures that outaged all of you snowflakes were from 2014. You're just a bald faced liar, probably work for the Russian troll farm."


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Meztikazahn | 24.12.2017
Extremely well....and you?
Zologami | 26.12.2017
wrong. He's pardoned more corruption than he's "beat"
Fauzuru | 31.12.2017
Not at all, it IS entirely possible to do that. I don't know that it is necessary, however. Let me ask you this: would you allow students to choose what subjects they study or go to school at all? Or do you believe that there are things they need to learn.
Mezisida | 09.01.2018
You're a Christian lying through his teeth.
Jull | 14.01.2018
Once you devolve the conversation to Devine Authority we have nothing more to talk about.
Vill | 21.01.2018
By definition, undoing Obama's actions is good for the country.
Nikosida | 27.01.2018
I don?t have to do stuff, and knowing stuff takes up too much space in my head.
Shakazshura | 05.02.2018
No if the scientist had faith the premise was sound there would be no need to test the premise.There would be no peer review or showing of your work since all you need to believe is faith.Like I said the flat earth believer and the white supremacist both have faith their view is correct and no argument or evidence will shake their faith.
Gacage | 07.02.2018
According to the Jewish tradition Messiah was a son of God.
Mezicage | 11.02.2018
"All criminal justice involves doing something to a criminal that itself would be criminal if it were not done by a proper authority figure"
Vojin | 12.02.2018
As opposed to abandoning reason for a fantasy?
Kigagrel | 20.02.2018
"So actual Christians don't give Trump a 'Mulligan'?"
Ararg | 27.02.2018
She had zero real estate in my head, control that imagination of yours. And she DID win her seat, so too many people DID vote for her. The best part of that though, is that she'll b around for the investigation.
Peace orchestra domination
Peace orchestra domination

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